Smoking is injurious to health, be it a vape or a cigarette, but since it’s in trend, so most people are following it.

An idea can change your life. That’s how Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist incorporated the idea of Smogvape and became the trendsetter. Ages ago, there was no concept of e-cigarettes, and people used to get addicted to cigarettes only.

A vape is an electrical device that gets charged with a charger, has a battery, and has tank-like storage where the flavor is filled. There are different sizes of the bottles, which have color variations in them too. You can choose the color and the bottle according to your choice.

Here is some of the relevant information regarding vapes, their durability, and their effectiveness compared to cigarettes.

All you need to know:

Fragile Product

Cigarettes are fragile products that can easily be damaged. However, if we talk about vapes, it’s the opposite. A vape has a metallic body with a sturdy structure, and you cannot break it easily. Of course, excessive usage can burn the coil of the vape, but there would be no harm to the body very often.


Vape is considered a low-grade tobacco option. If we compare the ratio of tobacco in cigarettes and a vape, there’s a noticeable difference. This is because cigarettes can lead to the production of tar, and it has different nicotine levels too. However, there is a certain amount of nicotine in every vape, and you can always change the ratio according to your satisfaction. You cannot do that in cigarettes. The amount which is added to a cigarette will go into your body, and you cannot change anything about it.


In most countries, cigarettes are not allowed to people under 18. However, there are no such restrictions on carrying a vape. Any age can have it and carry it while traveling as well.

Effective use of nicotine

There are multiple rounds of smoke in vaping compared to cigarettes that can be smoked one at a time. However, you can take as many puffs as you want unless the battery doesn’t run out.



Vapes have easily rechargeable batteries, and there is prolonged use of vape coils. So you can charge the device when in need and use it as long as the battery runs.

Lower rate of cancer

Studies show fewer carcinomic elements in a vape than in cigarettes, so comparatively, it is less harmful than puffing cigarettes.


Vapes are considered less addictive than cigarettes. Therefore, depending on their availability, vapes are available in most the countries, but cigarettes are, although available, have age restrictions.


Elements like carbon monoxide and toxins are removed from vape so it becomes less harmful to the environment. In contrast, cigarettes contain harmful substances which have a negative impact on our environmental health.


Vaping has made a great influence in today’s generation. Many teenagers are aware of it and making use of it as well. SMO.G Vaping is best for your vaping time.


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