Phentermine is now illegal to order online. So why is America’s most popular diet pill in the black? Well for starters, we’ve got some bags, envelopes, Indian businessmen, old white doctors with Mexican housekeepers, concrete filled pills, and New Yorkers.

Now, you might be wondering what on earth hispanic housekeepers have to do with Phentermine. Get ready, because I’m about to drop a bomb.

On January 2nd, 2007, Congress said it was 100-percent illegal to get a Phentermine Pills Side Effects Phentermine prescription online without an in-person, face-to-face consultation with your doctor . So that basically rules out… hmm… every online pharmacy that has ever sold Phentermine.

Here are two choices:

1. Get ripped off. First you could order Phentermine from a generic pharmacy site based in India or Panama (but they pretend to be in the U.S), and then get ripped off when they send you fake pills full of concrete dust or a placebo. That’s too bad – in June 2006 you could have gotten your prescription online with an official stamp of approval from a housekeeper.

2. Find an alternative. Play it smart and look into Phentermine alternative diet pills. I have affiliate relationships with many companies who say their pills are the best, but in my experience (yes I have actually tried it) only Phentramin provided good hunger suppression. Of course it doesn’t work for every single person who uses it, but I’d say about 98% of customers get results.

So, is Phentramin everything you need to lose weight and keep it off? Nope. In fact, any diet pill by itself can only help you lose weight temporarily. But there is hope. See, with a phentermine alternative that suppresses your hunger, you’ll have no t

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