My sand channel is running at high tensions

Adhere to the discharging directions in your Owner’s Manual. The sand bed might be stopped up with mineral stores that will not discharge away. Some calcium based chlorines and other elective sanitizers will develop in your sand bed, and will require more regular discharging and changing of the sand.

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Before you supplant all the sand in your channel, take a stab at eliminating roughly 1″ of the top layer of the sand, supplant with the specific measure of sand you eliminated. Typical life expectancy of the sand is around 4 – 5 years.

You might need to clean your channel framework with an exceptional channel cleaner, kindly call Blue Haven Pools and Spas for more data.

Verify whether there is a shut or to some degree shut valve along your return channeling, open the valve.

Your siphon might be excessively little to give adequate stream to appropriate discharging. Your channel will work, yet a lower configuration stream rate will make your framework discharge inappropriately. Actually look at the result of the siphon to be certain that it rises to your channel’s plan stream rate. Supplant the siphon on the off chance that it is excessively little.

My sand channel is running in short cycles

Inappropriate discharging could be the explanation. Continuously discharge until the water runs clear in the valve’s sight glass, as a rule around two minutes.

You might have live green growth making the channel obstruct. By testing the water offset with a test unit and super chlorinating, you ought to tackle this issue.

There is sand at the lower part of the pool

The sand you are utilizing could beĀ  pool sand filter excessively little, which will go through the channel framework, then, at that point, once again into the pool. Eliminate the sand and supplant it with the appropriate grade of sand – #20 Silica or 45-55mm pool sand.

Your siphon might be too huge for your channel. During discharging the tension can make the sand rise sufficiently high to spill over into the standpipe, permitting sand to stream once again into the pool. Allude to your Owner’s Manual for the right measure of sand for your channel.

There could be a free parallel situated at the lower part of your channel. Fix any free laterals, supplant whenever broken.

Most calcium based chlorine, both powder or tablets, contain from 30 – 35% of what is called dormant materials. This is calcium buildup or residue, which many pool proprietors botch for sand. You can affirm this by following these means: During vacuuming, utilize a hand vac and shaft. As the vac head draws near, the sand will lay on the base, and will permit itself to be gotten. Most calcium buildup will dissipate away from the vac head as you attempt to get it.

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